About the project
Have you come across an interesting website and are looking for a similar one? Or, perhaps, one of the websites you found did not meet your expectations? SitesSimilar.to is a database of alternative to various (mostly popular) websites. We present only valuable, carefully selected services.

How does the system work?
The system is able to recognize similar websites by comparing their assigned tags. It is enough for the system to have one tag assigned to various websites (even if a given website has many of them) to make a connection. Tags are assigned by the moderators of SitesSimilar.to, but users can also submit their suggestions. If the website you are interested in has many tags, you can choose to restrict the criteria by selecting only one. For example, YouTube.com publishes on its servers different videos, but it also allows users to upload their own videos. It is then defined by the following tags: "videos" and "video sharing". The list of similar sites shows websites that have at least one of the selected tags. If you are looking only for websites that offer video upload, you should click on the appropriate tag.

How do I add a new website?
In order to add a new website, simply enter its address in the browser. Then, you need to assign at least one tag to it. Tags are words that describe the content of a given website. For example, a proper tag for eBay.com would be the word "auction".

How do I add more tags to a website?
To add another tag, just click on the "suggest more" button next to the list of tags of a given site. Each tag suggestion is moderated.

How are positions on the list of alternative sites decided?
The items on the list of alternative sites are set according to the number of points granted by clicking on the green (1) or red (-1) thumb. When evaluating websites, points are updated for all the tags linking to the main website, unless the website is assessed after selecting a specific tag from the list. If an alternative website has more points for given tag than the other one, it does not necessarily mean that it will higher on the list. This is the case when the other website has more tags connecting it to the main website. It means that the points from all tags connecting both sites are summed. This makes sense as when two websites have more common tags, they are probably more similar to each other than any other sites from the list.